Lowenstein Sandler’s Investment Management Group is pleased to provide you with the summaries and checklists described below. 

Summaries of recent legislative and regulatory developments with respect to: 

  • The SEC’s Examination Priorities for 2021
  • The SEC’s Focus on Digital Asset Securities
  • The SEC’s New Marketing Rule
  • The OCIE’s Compliance Program Deficiencies Risk Alert
  • New CFIUS Review Requirements
  • 2020 Tax Developments
  • The SEC Division of Enforcement’s 2020 Results
  • The SEC’s Proposed Conditional Broker Exemption for Finders
  • New York’s Mandatory Registration for Investment Adviser Representatives
  • The SEC’s Updated Regulatory Framework for Fund of Funds Arrangements
  • Expanded Accredited Investor and Qualified Institutional Buyer Definitions
  • The Delaware Supreme Court’s Decision in Murfey v. WHC Ventures, LLC re: Rights to Books and Records
  • The SEC’s Proposed Amendment of Form 13F Reporting Thresholds
  • The Fiduciary Rule Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption
  • The SEC’s and FINRA’s Reg. BI and Form CRS Guidance
  • Form CRS Drafting Guide and Template
  • The SEC’s Order re: Ares Management with Respect to Alleged Compliance Failures
  • The Second Circuit’s Decision in Packer v. Raging Capital Management re: Beneficial Ownership
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis and Treasury International Capital Filing Obligations
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Updates
  • Government Sanctions Enforcement Action

Checklists of compliance considerations for: 

  • Private Investment Funds and Their Advisers
  • Registered Investment Advisers and Exempt Reporting Advisers
  • Commodity Pool Operators and Commodity Trading Advisors

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