Lowenstein Sandler represented Planet Forward, Inc. in its sale of Moonshot, a snack brand known for its climate-friendly practices, to Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage division of Patagonia.

Planet Forward produces Moonshot crackers using renewable energy in a LEED-certified facility and makes its boxes with 100% recycled materials.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the role the food system plays in the climate crisis, many are seeking foods with an improved environmental impact. Patagonia Provisions is meeting this rising consumer demand for climate-friendly foods by sourcing ingredients that rebuild soil, protect the health of ocean ecosystems and otherwise protect the environment. The acquisition—Patagonia's first in more than 20 years—is part of an effort to invest in businesses and products that support the company's mission to save the planet.

Moonshot was created to be the first climate-friendly snack brand with the mission of tackling the climate crisis through the power of responsible food supply chains. Moonshot’s main ingredient, wheat, is grown with regenerative and organic practices and is traceable to the farm and field. Furthering the mission, Moonshot designed a micro supply chain, with its wheat farmers, miller and manufacturer within 100 miles of each other, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The Lowenstein team included Eric Weiner, Alex D. Leibowitz, Sara Uz, Michael Sharpe, Megan Williams, and Tolulope "Tolu" Adetayo.