IAB has released version 1.0 of the IAB California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies, as well as the accompanying Limited Services Provider Agreement, aimed at helping digital publishers and their supply chain advertising partners comply with California’s complex data privacy legislation. Lowenstein Sandler partner Matt Savare of the firm’s Emerging Companies & Venture Capital (fka, The Tech Group) and the Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets and Technology & Media Transactions practices, in close collaboration with Michael Hahn, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the IAB, played a key role in creating these documents to assist members of the digital advertising ecosystem that will be impacted when the CCPA goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

Savare, who served as IAB’s outside counsel in the CCPA Technical Working Group, was one of the attorneys involved in drafting the framework and the agreement. He said, “These documents give companies in the digital advertising industry the chance to demonstrate their support for the stronger privacy and data protection measures demanded by their consumers. Creating ‘service provider’ relationships between publishers and technology companies allows organizations to develop effective ways to limit, control, and monitor the use of consumer data and ensure compliance.”

CCPA was passed in June 2018 to provide California consumers with greater transparency and control over how their personal information is collected, used, and sold.  Member companies asked IAB’s Privacy & Compliance Unit to develop a standardized solution to help them comply with the new law’s provisions.

“IAB organized a multistakeholder effort to create a framework that can be used by publishers and technology companies to support them in complying with the CCPA,” said Hahn. “We want California consumers to both experience minimal disruptions to the ad-supported online experience they enjoy today and protect their privacy in a manner compliant with CCPA. We feel our framework achieves these goals.”

A veteran of high-profile representations in the digital advertising, media, and entertainment sectors, Savare represents clients in intellectual property, commercial contract, blockchain, and privacy matters across a wide range of industries, with a particular emphasis on how new and emerging technologies are disrupting traditional businesses.