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Key Tax Reform Provisions Affecting Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Other Investment Vehicles

Synopsis: On December 20, 2017, Congress passed a statute originally named the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Act"), which enacted a broad range of tax changes. The President signed the Act on December 22. A number of provisions are of particular importance to the investment management industry. Status: Among other changes, the Act: (i) imposes additional time-based restrictions on the recognition of long-term capital gain in respect of carried interest; (ii) subject to limitations, provides a new 20 percent deduction to individuals, trusts, and estates that receive income from certain S corporations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships (generally not available to investment funds or investment managers, but could be used by partners in a real estate investment fund); (iii) taxes corporate income at a flat 21 percent rate, resulting in less tax leakage in connection with an investment in a fund through a domestic blocker; (iv) restricts the deductibility of interest paid or accrued by certain investment funds that are engaged in a trade or business; (v) subjects to U.S. graduated income tax rates the gain on the sale of a partnership interest by a foreign person (including a foreign blocker), which may result in increased withholding responsibilities; and (vi) eliminates miscellaneous itemized deductions for expenses that were previously subject to the 2 percent floor.

The Lowenstein Sandler LLP Tax Group alert analyzing the Act's impact on hedge funds, private equity funds, and other investment vehicles is available here.

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